You’re a good person. You’ve spent your life working hard, following the rules, And building a life for you and your family. And now, in an instant, Everything can be lost. At Brian Hobbs Law, we have one goal … Making our clients' lives better.

There’s no better way for us to accomplish that goal than by helping our clients keep their criminal history free of a felony conviction, thereby preserving all their educational and career opportunities. Good people make mistakes. Young adults make mistakes. But the consequences of a mistake shouldn’t outweigh the actual punishment, and that’s what happens with a first felony conviction.

Having a felony conviction can:

  1. Limit one’s education,

  2. Limit the ability to get student loans to pay for their education,

  3. Cause a person to lose their job,

  4. Greatly limit future career opportunities and future career earnings.

Brian Hobbs Law is dedicated to helping persons of all ages when they’re dealing with their first arrest or have been arrested previously but have no felony record. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than keeping one of our client’s criminal history and reputation free of a felony conviction.

And as a parent, I understand how devastating and catastrophic an arrest can be when your child is facing charges that could impact his or her future in terms of educational and career opportunities. I know how hard you’ve worked to provide your child the best opportunities, and how hard you’ve worked to provide your child the best future. I know the trust and hopes you place in us when you let our criminal defense team defend a loved one, and I do not take it lightly.

Nothing can affect one’s life opportunities like having a felony conviction. The cost in terms of the limiting of educational opportunities, of limiting work and career opportunities, and as a result, the standard of living for one and one’s family can be staggering when added up over the course of a lifetime.

Don’t put yourself in the wrong hands when dealing with a first arrest, or when you don’t have a felony record.

The Brian Hobbs Law First Arrest Program and Brian Hobbs Law No Felony Program are designed to keep your record clean and ensure that all the opportunities in life remain attainable.

If we’re able to resolve your case with a diversion program, then as part of the Brian Hobbs Law First Arrest/No Felony Program, you’ll receive a pre-diversion consultation to make sure you are aware of the pitfalls and traps that can accompany any diversion program. You’ll receive weekly meetings to ensure that diversion is working for you, handle any problems, and ensure that you remain on track to complete the program successfully, and at the successful conclusion of your diversion program, we are so confident of our program and your chances of success that we will do your Record Restriction free of charge to make sure there’s no documentation of your arrest on your record, at the clerk’s office, or at any jail.

If your case is resolved through a plea to a Conditional Discharge or a First Offender, which allows you to keep a felony off your record if you can successfully complete a period of time on probation, the Brian Hobbs Law First Arrest/No Felony Program includes:

  • Probation Success Workshop and Probation Success Workbook,
  • Monthly meetings for the first 6 months of your probation in order to make sure probation is working for you and to help address any problems in the beginning before they become big issues, and,
  • We are so confident in our program and my BELIEF IN YOU that I will file and argue on your behalf, a Motion for Early Termination of Probation, and ask the court to terminate your probation early because we know you will have done a great job while on probation, and at the successful conclusion of your probation,
  • We will also handle free of charge your Record Restriction to make sure there’s no documentation of your arrest on your record, at the clerk’s office, or at any jail, in order to guarantee you those opportunities you, your parents, and your family have worked so hard to ensure.