Being accused of a sex crime is frightening and frustrating. The stakes are incredibly high—both legally and personally—and it’s hard to know where to turn to find the help you need. You know you need help, but you may be embarrassed to seek it out. Your freedom and reputation demand that you act quickly.

Time is of the essence. It’s essential that you find an experienced Marietta Sex Crimes Attorney to start preparing a solid defense on your behalf as soon as possible. Law enforcement may be calling to take your statement, and your inclination is to talk, scream your innocence, and clear this up as quickly as possible. Law enforcement, however, isn’t calling to clear up anything. They want to take your statement to box you in, to lay a trap for later, and to use your natural desire to proclaim your innocence against you. Only an experienced sex crime attorney can help you understand what you’re facing and help you take the necessary steps to protect you and your family.

We Can Help You Prepare for the Road Ahead

Our criminal defense team has the experience and the knowledge to handle these extremely serious and stressful cases. We have successfully handled several hundred sex crime cases with outstanding results for clients and their families. These cases typically involve accusations of sexual assault, child molestation, possession of child pornography, rape, or arrests from law-enforcement initiated internet sting operations. These cases are unique and involve specific evidentiary issues such as:

  • Child Hearsay Evidence. This type of evidence can be particularly damning if allowed to be presented at one’s trial. It allows the prosecution to introduce hearsay statements of children under the age of 16. In every sex offense case involving a child, you will typically see what is called a forensic interview of the child. Depending on the jurisdiction, this interview will be conducted by a forensic interviewer with specialized training at a Child Advocacy Center or a Sex Crimes Detective, also with specialized training. These interviews are often fraught with improper techniques, such as suggestive questions, which often can lead to false allegations of abuse. These forensic interviews are almost always videotaped, which allows us to have our experts critically analyze and break down both the specific questions and the techniques utilized by the interviewer in order to fight these highly prejudicial statements.
  • The Rape Shield. This rule of evidence is designed to prohibit the defense from introducing evidence concerning the prior sexual conduct of an alleged victim. However, there are several exceptions to this rule, and these issues must be carefully and thoroughly litigated in pretrial motions to secure their admission at trial.

Sex crimes are vastly different from other types of criminal cases, so you need a criminal defense attorney who has specific experience handling and trying sex offense cases. You don’t want an attorney who has never chosen a jury for a sex offense case. When the Judge asks a roomful of prospective jurors if they know anyone who has been the victim of a sex offense—and half the room raises their hands—you’ll be thankful you have an experienced sex crimes lawyer. At Brian Hobbs Law, we have the experience necessary to ensure that you receive the aggressive representation you need at this pivotal moment in your life. Don’t wait to reach out.

We'll Explore Every Option to Protect You and Your Freedom

Facing any criminal charge can have serious and lasting consequences on your life and the lives of your loved ones. This is especially true when you’re charged with a sex offense. Just the mention of a sex offense charge can unleash a visceral reaction in the people around you. These cases are intensely personal, and there are many unique factors to these types of cases that you need to consider:

  1. Even Reduced Charges Can Have Significant Long-Lasting Consequences on Your Life. Even if you have reduced charges or are offered a plea deal, it is important to understand that pleading guilty to a lesser offense may still require you to register as a sex offender. The consequences of registering are incredibly serious and affect where you can live, your employment, and who you can be around. You need to explore every option before moving forward and making your decision.
  2. There Is an Undeniable Social Stigma Associated With These Cases. The social stigma attached to a person who is a registered sex offender often guarantees that you will face problems in your personal life, with your career, and even with your closest personal relationships. An experienced sex crimes attorney can help mitigate and reduce those effects on your life by working for the best possible legal outcome.
  3. These Cases Require a Sophisticated and Specialized Defense. Sex crime cases involve many complicated and unique aspects of criminal defense. Using their years of experience, the criminal defense team of Brian Hobbs Law knows how to anticipate the issues to come and be fully prepared to address any matter that may arise.

Call our Marietta office today, or fill out our contact form to speak to the criminal defense team at Brian Hobbs Law. The details of your case will remain private, and you’ll receive the vital information you need to prepare for this battle and to begin to move forward.

Types of Sex Crime Cases Our Criminal Defense Team Handles

There are a number of sex crimes a person can be charged for in Georgia. Sex crimes can be felonies or misdemeanors. Regardless of which they are, they both will have serious personal and financial consequences to anyone convicted of a sex crime.

At Brian Hobbs Law, our criminal defense team handles all types of sex crime cases. Using our exhaustive knowledge and experience gained by successfully handling over 8,000 criminal cases, including hundreds of sex crime cases, we help clients fight charges like the following:

  1. Child Pornography
  2. Internet Sting
  3. Child Molestation
  4. Sexual Assault and Battery
  5. Rape
  6. Date Rape
  7. Spousal Rape
  8. Statutory Rape
  9. Enticing a Child

If you aren’t sure your case falls into one of the above categories or how an attorney can help you, don’t hesitate to contact Brian Hobbs Law today. The sooner an experienced sex crime attorney can start collecting detailed evidence, interviewing witnesses, investigating and collecting social media evidence, reviewing law enforcement procedures, and building a strong defense on your behalf, the better chance you have of obtaining the outcome you need.

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