Motorcycle and Car Wreckage on the RoadDespite the growing popularity of motorcycle riding across all demographics, there is still a great deal of resistance on the part of insurance companies and courts to compensate riders when they are injured in a crash. More than any other vehicle operator, bikers are blamed for accidents and expected to accept the consequences when they are injured. This kind of discrimination against motorcyclists means that an injured biker would be wise to talk to me when they have been seriously injured in a crash that was not their fault. I am proud to represent Georgia motorcycle riders in personal injury claims.

Motorcycle Crashes Are Not Like Other Vehicle Crashes

Several factors differentiate motorcycle accidents from crashes between two cars. These factors can make injury claims more difficult for bikers. The motorcycle accident claims I handle often involve one or more of the following:

  • Catastrophic and fatal injuries. A motorcycle or moped offers no protection to the rider. Even if the biker is wearing a helmet and Kevlar clothing, they are likely to be seriously injured or even killed when they go down. I have handled many motorcycle claims, and I know how to prove the extent of injuries, demand fair compensation, and file a wrongful death claim on behalf of family members if necessary.
  • Biker bias. Insurance adjusters will do everything they can to blame the biker for causing the accident. Assumptions about motorcyclists being risk-takers and gang members are unfortunately common. Overcoming these negative stereotypes will be key in getting fair compensation. When I represent bikers who have been run off the road, dragged down the highway, or thrown off their bikes by negligent drivers, I fight hard against this bias to get them the compensation they deserve.
  • High-value claims. Catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injury and spinal cord damage can result in permanent disabilities that require years of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and long-term care, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a lawyer who has represented many clients with permanent injuries such as these, I know how to value these claims to make sure my clients are taken care of for a lifetime.

For these reasons, you do not want to trust your motorcycle crash claim with a law firm that only handles car accidents.

How Negligent Drivers Cause Motorcycle Crashes

Yes, sometimes a daredevil motorcycle rider decides to ride full throttle, loses control, and crashes into a tree. When that happens, they have no one to blame but themselves. Far more often, however, a perfectly safe rider is the victim of a negligent driver. Many motorcycle crashes are caused by:

  • Distracted driving. An inattentive driver is much more likely to hit a motorcycle than one who is paying attention to what’s going on around them. Looking at a cell phone, talking to a passenger, or simply failing to scan their surroundings can cause a driver to hit a motorcycle or run them off the road.
  • Speeding. A contributing factor in nearly every crash, speeding drivers are also more likely to cause accidents with bikers than drivers who are obeying the speed limit. A speeding driver may fail to yield to a merging bike, rear-end a slower-moving bike, or lose control and run a biker off the road.
  • Drunk driving. Impaired drivers have slowed reaction times, dulled senses, and poor decision-making abilities, all of which make it very likely that they will not be able to see and avoid a smaller vehicle such as a motorcycle or moped.
  • Unsafe lane changes and turns. It’s easy for a motorcycle to get lost in a driver’s blind spot, but that’s no excuse. Drivers are expected to check blind spots, scan the road before turning, use turn signals, and give motorcycles the space and right-of-way they deserve. When they fail to do so, they are negligent.

As part of my investigation into your motorcycle crash, I will determine the cause of the accident and hold the negligent driver accountable for compensating you.

How I Will Protect Your Rights

As a motorcycle rider, you have probably already experienced some degree of discrimination, but you do not have to stand for unfair treatment from an insurance company. When you call me after a negligent driver caused your motorcycle wreck, rest assured that I will help protect your rights. Best of all, there is no need to worry about whether you can afford to hire me. I work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay me a dime until and unless I win your case. If you or a loved one was involved in a motorcycle crash, contact me as soon as possible, so I can get to work fighting for you.

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