Lawyers don’t like to give guarantees, but I’m not like other lawyers.

So here’s my guarantee:

  1. I will personally listen and understand your side of the story.
  2. I will help you get through your criminal case so you can get back to your life and family.
  3. I will relentlessly fight to make sure you are understood, and your concerns are addressed.
  4. I will make the Prosecutor see you for who you are, and not the person they think you are.
  5. I will not let the Prosecutor define you by what you’ve been accused of.
  6. I will not allow the criminal system to treat you like just another statistic.

Why do I make this guarantee? Easy, it’s because …

Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Good People

Everyone makes mistakes, no matter how smart, how careful, or how good a person they are. But one mistake should not have the power to ruin your life. That’s why I’m here.

Your path forward begins with making sense of what led to your charges. Sometimes this leads to you challenging assumptions about your case and maybe even challenging assumptions about yourself. The end result, however, is the way back to your life.

My mission is not simply to defend your case, but to also help you find a better path forward. For over 20 years I have devoted my life to helping those charged with a crime. No one should have to suffer from the disadvantage of being inexperienced with the system. No one should be labeled a convicted felon due to the inexperience of their lawyer. But you see it happen every single day. My goal, as your lawyer and protector, is to make sure it does not happen to you.

Whether this is your first arrest, or your fourth, you need a powerful and experienced Marietta criminal defense lawyer fighting and protecting you from the criminal justice system.

I have handled over 5,000 criminal cases.

Together, we will end this nightmare for you and your family.

Call me and let’s schedule your free strategy session.

It’s time to get back to your life.

This is my guarantee.

My name is Brian Hobbs and I want to be your criminal defense lawyer.