While it might be true that nearly half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, that doesn’t make your divorce any easier. When children are involved, divorce is even more difficult. Whether you are escaping an abusive situation or simply trying to find greater happiness, you need a lawyer on your team who is sensitive to your needs. At Brian Hobbs Law, you will find an attorney who is trustworthy, determined, and 100 percent on your side.

We Handle a Range of Family Legal Matters

You may be in the early stages of contemplating a separation, or maybe you have been divorced for years and need to modify a custody plan. Most people are somewhere in between. Regardless, Brian Hobbs Law can offer practical advice and guide you through the process to secure the best possible outcome for you and your children. We provide compassionate, experienced representation for clients seeking:

  • Divorce. No matter how amicable you think your breakup is, you need a lawyer on your side to protect your interests during the divorce process. The earlier in the process you talk to a lawyer, the better able we may be to protect your interests. However, it’s never too late to seek our advice and assistance.
  • Asset division. Georgia is an equitable division state, meaning that assets are not divided 50/50 but instead are divided according to a judge’s determination of what is fair based on the length of the marriage and each spouse’s contributions to and conduct during the marriage. There is definite wiggle room in this decision, and your attorney can advocate on your behalf.
  • Child custodyDetermining who gets custody of the children is often the most difficult part of the divorce process. No one will fight harder than us to get you the custody or visitation order that works best for you and your children.
  • Child support. In Georgia, child support is determined by entering each parent’s financial information into an online child support calculator. However, there are often “deviations” that can affect the presumptive amount reached by the court. Your attorney will fight for the deviations that result in a fair child support order.
  • AlimonyAwarding of alimony by the court is based on multiple factors, including the duration of the marriage, each spouse’s income and financial needs, contributions made to the marriage, and the physical and emotional condition of each party. There is considerable leeway in granting alimony, and your attorney can defend your wishes.
  • Grandparents’ rights. Grandparents do have rights in Georgia, but there is a strong presumption in favor of the child’s parents. Grandparents seeking custody or visitation will have to prove that parental custody would harm the child. We would be happy to discuss custody and visitation rights with concerned grandparents
  • Legitimation and paternity. Unmarried fathers do not have automatic legal rights or obligations to a child. A father who wants custody of a child will have to file a legitimation action with the court. Likewise, a mother who wants to hold the father of her child responsible for paying child support will have to legally establish paternity. We can help with either of these actions.

In addition, our family lawyer can help with custody and child support modifications, adoptions, domestic abuse protective orders, juvenile court issues, and more.

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Family struggles are intensely personal. We understand how difficult it can be to bring these issues out into the open, but that is what is sometimes necessary to ensure your own happiness or to protect yourself and your children from harm. You can trust the team at Brian Hobbs Law to be discreet, compassionate, and professional, regardless of the family legal matter you bring to us. Divorce can turn your life upside down, but with the help of an experienced legal team, the effect on your lifestyle and your children’s lives can be minimized. Contact us at our Marietta office to learn more about our family law services today.